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Who's Who in the zoo?

We are a small team but we do big things! Dan and Aaron are the owners/operators of Sumpoynt Distillery; they met while serving in the Royal Australian Air Force and between the two have over 45 years of service. They established Sumpoynt in 2018 and built all the equipment used at Sumpoynt Distillery.

They believe in producing authentic spirit, created by Milling, Mashing, Fermenting and Distilling, all carried out on site.  Seed to Sip is the moto and this is where the farmers Craig and Nick enter the picture; they own and operate a farm 15 minutes outside of Port Broughton and they are growing Bevy Rye and Spartacus Barley which is used in the production of the spirit used in Sumpoynt products.

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